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Haworth & Lees is an established yet progressive firm of Solicitors, serving businesses & individuals throughout Tameside & Cheshire.


Haworth and Lees Will Writing And Probate Solicitors

Wills & Probate

Although everybody’s financial and family situation is different, having a will not only helps ensure that your cash and assets are divided how you want them to be, it can save a considerable effort and extensive work on the part of the family friends when you pass away. A professional will writing service does not have to be expensive, you do not necessarily need to have a large sum of money in the bank to make a will worthwhile…

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Haworth and Lees Personal Injury Solicitors

Injury Claims

Compensation claims do vary according to the type of injury that you suffer, and those injuries that require lengthy time off work and have had to pay for ongoing care and rehabilitation or even for modifications to be made to the home then you could be entitled to a large sum. Compensation is awarded by the courts, or may be agreed as an early settlement between both parties, and it is meant as a form of recompense for any reasonable loss…

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Haworth and Lees Solicitors For Business

Business Law & Advice

From the setting up of your business to contract drafting and even debt recovery, business solicitors can help minimise the risk that is naturally involved in running a business. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are over contract drafting and putting agreements in place, however, disputes and problems may still occur and your business solicitor will be able to help try and resolve disputes before they become too costly and expensive.

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Haworth and Lees Property Lawyers

Property Law

The property market can offer a stable and potentially profitable means of investing your money. You can buy a single property or own a whole portfolio, and you can choose residential or commercial property. Even if you have been left property as an inheritance there is the potential to rent this out, rather than to sell it or move in yourself. By ensuring that you have reliable tenants in the property, you can enjoy regular rental payments every month.

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