Managing a business typically requires a host of different contracts be negotiated and put in place with suppliers, customers, employers, and business partners. Contracts are not only a fact of business life, but they are meant to protect you and the stakeholders in your organisation. Ensuring that contracts are accurately drawn up, properly agreed, and legally binding is important, but no matter how diligent your efforts, disputes can still arise. If this happens, then a business solicitor will be the person that you should call on to help resolve the dispute as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Confidentiality and exclusivity agreements may be put in place before the purchase of a business is even made, and these are binding contracts that must be adhered to. Whether you are the buyer or seller and want to ensure that the terms are fair, a business solicitor can look after your interests during the agreement stage.

Employment contracts are also important. Many employees will not start work without being given contract details, and even where a formal contract is not in place, there is still a contractual agreement in place that is based on statutes and customs. Vague contracts can prove as costly as having no contract in place, and this is one area where the use of an experienced business solicitor will help protect the interests of your organisation.

Agreements with customers can help ensure that you receive payment on time every time, while supplier agreements mean that you are protected if your supplier is unable to meet a delivery schedule or fails to deliver the agreed items. Contracts can also be used to set prices, to agree to future price changes, and to further ensure that you are able to continue to supply and be paid.

You should enlist the help of a business solicitor as soon as possible, and use them to help negotiate and draw up contracts. They will be in a better position to help rectify any contract disputes if they were responsible for the establishment of those contracts, but a good solicitor will be able to represent you during disputes regardless of who produced the contract.

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