Hearing loss caused by loud working conditions is typically referred to as industrial deafness. In cases where it can be proven to the courts that your employer did not take action to prevent a known risk of hearing loss, you can claim compensation to cover medical expenses, lost earnings, and any other expenses associated with the case.

Industrial deafness is a common form of workplace illness, and it is most commonly experienced by people that have worked within factories and in other environments with continued, loud noise levels. Shipbuilding, manufacturing, and engineering industries are just some of the sectors where employees have suffered hearing loss or hearing impairment as a result of their work. Any noisy machinery, or any loud ambient noise, could cause hearing loss and it is the responsibility of employers to either ensure that noise levels fall within an acceptable range or that employees are provided with adequate ear protection.

Industrial deafness can prevent you from being able to work again, and it is unusual for hearing to return even after a break from the loud environment. This combination means that your compensation entitlement could be considerable, and even if you are able to return to work, a loss of hearing carries certain damages that are usually awarded by the courts to sufferers.

You can confidently make a claim against an employer or former employer without the worry of them being able to dismiss you for the court action. What’s more, employers need to have employer’s liability insurance which covers them for this type of claim, so it is not the company themselves that will usually have to pay out. Your colleagues and the company itself will not usually suffer financial ruin as a result of the action that you take.

One step that will help to ensure that you have the best chance of submitting a successful compensation claim is to choose experienced and professional personal injury solicitors that specialise in workplace accidents and illnesses. They will have access to expert witnesses, will be able to give you a clearer indication of a likely compensation figure, and they will be able to advise you on court proceedings and even whether to accept any early settlement offer that you might receive.

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