While it is possible to deal with the will and probate of a loved one yourself, this is not advised, especially if the estate is complex or especially large. Any mistakes can prove costly and will, at the very least, add months or potentially even years to the time that it takes for the estate to be properly administered. Using a solicitor enables you to concentrate on grieving and making other arrangements, while your solicitor applies for probate and administers the estate.

The executor of a will may be named in the will, although it is still possible to have a solicitor deal with this on your behalf if you do not want the responsibility. Some people are happy to take on this mantle, but others prefer to grieve, and some people do not want the responsibility of having to divvy up cash and assets between family members and friends.

The executor, or executors, of the will apply for a grant of probate from the probate registry. This is a legal document which clearly states that the executor has the legal right to administer the estate and to deal with the terms of the will on behalf of the deceased. The grant shows that the executor has the right to deal with the cash and assets of the estate, and to divide it up between beneficiaries.

If a will hasn’t been left then a close family member can apply to the probate registry. A solicitor can deal with this on your behalf, because the process can be longwinded and difficult at a time that is already challenging. If the grant of letters of administration is awarded, then the administrators of the will are given the powers to be able to deal with the assets and the estate.

No matter how simple a will seems to be, having one in place almost always makes the process of executing the will and administering the estate a simpler and quicker one. Whether a will has been left or not, you can instruct solicitors to work on your behalf in order to be named as executors or administrators of the will.

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