From the setting up of your business to contract drafting and even debt recovery, business solicitors can help minimise the risk that is naturally involved in running a business. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are over contract drafting and putting agreements in place, however, disputes and problems may still occur and your business solicitor will be able to help try and resolve disputes before they become too costly and expensive.

There are a number of options when it comes to starting a business. You can start from scratch, take over an established business, or buy a franchise from an existing brand. All options have their own benefits and their own potential pitfalls, and you will need to carefully consider these in order to ensure that you make the right choice for you and your needs.

Business solicitors can help in all areas. They can perform due diligence, they can establish contracts with sellers, and they can ensure that the terms of a franchise are not too restrictive or damaging to your organisational requirements. Once the business is up and running, your solicitor can draft employment contracts for your employees, as well as contracts to put in place with suppliers and customers. These contracts help ensure that your business is protected, and that there is less chance for contract dispute later on.

Restructuring a business, which may include buying or selling parts of an organisation, can also be fraught with potential pitfalls. Your solicitor can advise on restructuring, and if you are restructuring in a bid to sell the company, then they can assist in this process too. Although due diligence is often considered a process primarily involved in the purchase of a business, it can also be beneficial to have a solicitor perform diligence when selling.

Managing a business carries risk, and it is down to the owner of that business to manage this risk successfully. Insurance policies can be used to protect against some risk, but your business solicitors can help to reduce risk even further, and they can also assist in the resolution of disputes, and even the recovery of debt.

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